FRP product life is how many years

Glass fiber reinforced plastic FRP academic name, commonly known asfibreglass. Is a glass fiber as a reinforcing material, resin as a matrix materialfor a reinforced plastics, glassfiberreinforced plastic, or fiberglass. Due tothe different types of resins and polyester glass fiber, glass fiber reinforcedepoxy, phenolic FRP said. FRP products have many manufacturingprocesses, such as molding, pultrusion, winding, vacuum moulding andhand lay-up, spray, etc. Different processes, suitable for different products.Products can be made, very rich, such as glass containers, glass fibre reinforced plastic tanks, glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tank reactor,FRP, FRP exhaust gas processing Tower, automotive glass, fiberglass trays,glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling towers, FRP grating, FRP manholecovers of tanks, fiberglass lighting tile, glass fibre reinforced plastic FRP fast food tables and chairs, light boxes, fiberglass, fibreglass boat, etc.
Chemical characteristics of FRP:
1, excellent corrosion resistance. One of the biggest characteristics of FRPwas good corrosion resistance. According to the working conditions, byselecting different types of resins and molding process of selecting anappropriate, can produce a resistant to many acids, alkalis, salts andorganic solvents in FRP products
2. Light weight and high strength. GRP share of only 1.42.0, filament woundtensile strength of up to 300-500Mpa, than the average ultimate strength ofsteel, if the design is strong, has also met or exceeded certain special alloy steel, anticorrosion device as the main structural material, and has theadvantages of convenient transportation, installation, and maintenance.
3. Can be designed better. Glass is a kind of proportion can change itstype and quantity of raw materials and materials to enhance thearrangement to meet different requirements for properties of composites.
4. Well construction technology. Uncured resin and reinforced materialshave the ability to change shape, therefore, can be obtained in differentmolding methods and molds easily processed into the desired shape. Thischaracteristic best suited to large, integral and complex equipment andconstruction requirements applicable to the construction site andassembled.
5. Good performance. Because fiberglass is integrally, seamless, smoothinner wall, when you come into contact with chemicals, there is littlecorrosion and scaling on the surface, much less breeding grounds forbacteria and micro-organisms. Therefore does not pollute the media.
6. Ageing and flame retardant. Products made of fiberglass reinforcedplastic is category matrix there is a natural ageing and burning issues. But world Shang after more than 60 years, China after more than 30 years of research, has get preliminary solution, enhanced material plus occasionally Alliance agent processing, using 50 years, bent degrees can keep in 64-46%, stretch degrees retained rate in 71.2%, as again distribution plus anti-old agent, anti-aging performance better; FRP matrix in the joined flame retardant agent and used flame retardant sex resin again joined flame retardant agent, oxygen index can up 34-36, completely meet fermentation equipment of flame retardant fire requirements.
7. integrated cost lower. FRP as a new of function material, due to its by with raw materials of price high, generally, FRP equipment of price above carbon steel equipment and some plastic equipment, and below stainless steel and other some nonferrous metals equipment. but due to FRP weight light, and resistance corrosion sex good, and using life long, and maintenance less, advantages, its installation, and using costs and integrated cost late; and for part using conditions complex or demanding of equipment, can used each take, Director of of approach, Such asstainless or titanium heating plate work, lined with thermal plastic in orderto achieve the goal of both excellent performance and reduce costs.
So a qualified life of FRP products have more than 30 years.
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