What is the glass steel?

Glass is the last more than 50 years the rapid development of a composite material. 70% glass fiber production is used to make glass. Glass, highhardness, much lighter than the steel. Jet fuel tanks and pipelines, you canreduce the weight of planes. The astronauts who landed on the Moon
And upon them carries the micro-oxygen cylinder is made of glass andsteel. Fiberglass is easily processed, does not rust not bad, do not need topaint. China has a wide range of glass fiber reinforced plastic manufacturea variety of small boats, boats, yachts, as well as automotivemanufacturing, saves a lot of steel. Because fiberglass is a composite material, adapted to a very wide range of performance and therefore itsmarket development prospects. According to the statistics, the world‘sdevelopment of glass fiber reinforced plastic product range has reachedabout 40,000 species. Although all countries according to their economicdevelopment, direction of development have different emphases, butbasically has been involved in various industrial sectors. China FRP industryafter more than 40 years of development, success has been achieved invarious fields of national economy, has played an important role in theeconomic construction. FRP main areas of application are hereby, roughlysummarized as follows:
1, the construction industry: New cooling towers, FRP doors and Windows,building structures, building envelope, indoor plants and decorativepieces, glass fiber reinforced plastic plate, corrugated tiles, decorativepanels, sanitary ware and the whole room, sauna, surfing bath,construction formwork, silo construction, as well as the use of solar energydevices and so on.
2, chemistry and chemical engineering: corrosion-resistant pipes, storagetanks storage tanks, corrosion-resistant pumps and fittings, corrosion-resistant valves, grids, ventilation, sewage and waste water treatmentequipment and their accessories, and so on.
3, automobile and railway transport sectors: car shell and other parts,plastic bubble car, body shell of large passenger cars, doors, panels, pillar,flooring, floor beams, bumper, instrument panel, vans as well as fire tankers,refrigerated trucks, tractor cab and bonnet;
4, rail transport, a train window frames, inside the car cranked baggage carts, toilets, floors, doors, roof, water tank, roof ventilators, refrigeratordoors, storage tanks, and some railway communication facilities;
5, road construction, traffic signs, street signs, quarantine Pier, highwayguardrails and so on. Boats and water transport industry:
6, inland passenger-cargo ships, fishing vessels, hovercraft, yachts, rowing,speed boats, life rafts, crew boat, fiberglass drum floating AIDS tonavigation and mooring buoys, and so on.
7, and electrical industrial and the communications engineering: has out arc equipment, and cable protection tube, generator stator coil and support ring and the cone shell, insulated tube, and insulated rod, motor nursing ring, high-pressure insulated child, standard capacitor shell, motor cooling with casing, generator windshield Board, strong electric equipment; distribution box and the distribution disc, insulated axis, FRP cover, electrical equipment; printing PCB, and antenna, and radar cover, electronic engineering application.
In recent years, with the development of science and technology, as well as the improvement of people‘s living standards, many FRP products havebeen developed for civilian use, such as sculpture, arts and crafts style inmany cities, fast-food, chairs, motorcycle parts, fiberglass planters, helmets,high amusement equipment, household appliances and other, have beenused successfully.
Glass can be made w, also known as transparent w. is a steel structuresupporting the use of light materials, which mainly consists of high-performance film, reinforced polyester and glass fibre, of which film is toplay well on the UV-resistant and antistatic effect, UV-resistant in order toprotect the FRP FRP polyester yellow aging, premature loss of light transmission characteristics. Antistatic ensures dust on the surface to bewashed away or blown away, maintain a clean and beautiful surface.Due to its consistent quality, durable features of welcome by customers,the products can be widely used in industrial/commercial/civil construction roofing and walls.
Film used to make props, convenient, and cost. Reproducing the effect ofmany kinds of materials. Be welcomed by the people. Chemical plantphenolic FRP are used instead of stainless steel corrosion-resistantequipment, greatly extend the service life of the equipment. FRP is notmagnetic, does not block electromagnetic waves pass. Use it as a missileradomes, like missiles to put on a pair of protective glasses, did not stop theradar eyes, also play a protective role. Now, many ground radar stationsand missile radome is made in fiberglass.
Entered 21st century, according to FRP of good of through wave sex, this aspects of performance, with phone communications of widely pop, FRP widely was should for manufacturing 2G and 3G antenna cover, FRP to its good of can forming performance, appearance of can landscaping sex, up to has is good of community landscaping role, this aspects of products square column line cover, simulation stone, field application of landscaping tree, FRP also for improve sports of level State xiĆ  has played.Ever since pole vault since the sport, athletes use a wooden pole to createthe record was 3. 05 meters. Later used a bamboo pole. In 1942, raised therecord to a 4. 77 meters. Advantages of bamboo are lightweight andflexible, lacks is the bottom of thick and thin at the top, to have had greatdifficulty in improving records, so people using aluminum rods instead ofbamboo, although it is light and strong, but the lack of flexibility. Thus, from1942 to 1957, 15 years, pole vault record only increased by 1 cm. But afterthe advent of new glass pole, due to its lightweight and flexible recordsoared, now has more than 6 m pole vault record mark.
Today, fiberglass has also been widely used in people‘s lives, peopleaffectionately call them GRP, due to its special varieties still retains manyof the advantages of glass, such as transparency, and people are using itas window glass, which can block the Sun‘s ultraviolet rays, and can makethe room bright. People also used to create durable life everyday. Such asappliances, kitchen utensils, toiletries, etc.


Glass is a kind of composite materials, glass fiber reinforced plasticmaterials because of its unique performance advantages, has been in theaerospace, railway and decorative architecture, home furnishings,advertising displays, arts and crafts, construction materials sanitary ware,yacht mooring, sports material, widely used in sanitation engineering, morethan 10 industries, and praise, become new businesses demand in theindustry Darling. FRP products is also different from traditional materials,function, use, long life properties much better than traditional products. Itseasy to shape, customizable, color random deployment features, by themerchants and sellers of all ages, plays an increasingly large market scoreprospects!


Specific has following these industry: black metallurgical industry, and colored metallurgical industry, and power industry, and coal industry, and oil chemical, and chemical industry, and electromechanical industrial, and textile industrial, and car and the motorcycle manufacturing, and railway industry, and ship industrial, and construction, and light, and food industrial, and electronics, and posts and telecommunications industry, and culture, and sports and the entertainment, and agricultural, and commercial, and medicine health industry, and the military and the civilian application, all aspects of application field.


Involving these industry sector application of main FRP products category, has: mine ventilation equipment, and coking and the related equipment, and re smelting and the Ferroalloy smelting related equipment, and cold-rolled and the plating equipment, lost variable electric equipment, and wind power equipment, and fire power with pipes, and cooling water equipment, and power management and the maintenance workers apparatus, coal mine Phoenix tube, and across burst water bags, and explosion-proof device, oil mining related parts and the equipment, and oil chemical equipment, chemical equipment, and chemical building with material, and mine ventilation equipment, motor parts, and spare parts, and plating equipment , And wind generator and the parts, textile dyeing equipment, and facilities and the parts, car manufacturing with material and the parts, and car maintenance with material, and motorcycle manufacturing with material and the parts, railway locomotive vehicles with material and the related facilities, and railway signaling system with material and the related parts, various various rivers boats, and large steel boats supporting parts and the subsidiary facilities, building facilities and the with material, and bathroom, and kitchen, and doors, and waveform w, and cooling tower, and building ventilation air conditioning facilities, and building template,, light daily chemical and the paper industry with of related facilities, and Household appliances, and wine class, and leather, and home furniture with material, food storage tank uses, electronics with equipment, and life consumer with material and the electronic equipment accessories, posts and telecommunications telecommunications equipment supporting facilities, sports devices, and amusement equipment and the related facilities, agricultural sprinkler equipment, and greenhouses greenhouse, and implements accessories, and cold storage, and aquatic farming, commercial counter, and commercial boxes, and commercial refrigerated library, medicine industrial facilities and the medical health uses etc.
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